Slide Rule Emulator

This is a Windows compatible Slide Rule emulator. Just what the budding engineer has always needed. Now you can build Boulder Dam or the Golden Gate Bridge, or just be cool, like Captain Scramjet and his Space Rangers, and calculate the orbital speed of Neptune (I bet you thought I was going to say "Uranus") to a precision of three -- maybe even four! -- decimal places.

Abacus Emulator

If the Age of Steel isn't your thing, maybe a Bronze Age calculating machine will be more to your tastes. This is a Windows compatible Abacus emulator. Point and point and click. Collect tens and cast out nines. Re-group and borrow. It's said that an expert with an Abacus can tot up a column of figures faster than anyone with an adding machine or digital calculator. But it's also said that pop rocks candy will cause your tummy to explode, so who can know for sure?

All programs are written in RealBasic. All programs are free, and may be copied and distributed without restriction. All programs are entirely open-source: contact the Halcyon Computer Company at P.O. Box 15373, San Diego CA 92175, or email the Secretary at, for a copy of the source code for any of our programs.

Music from Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady

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